Written by Brian Richburg & Alison Joy Schafer
Female roles: 10
Male roles: 15

Just beyond the next dune on the Eastern horizon rises the gleaming city of Al-Ashtara, renowned for its exotic wares and exquisite tastes. There are whispers; however, that the Caliphate might be starting to unravel - a fact which has not escaped the notice of those who wish to take advantage of the weakening rule. Friend and foe alike cast their eyes towards the night skies, looking to read their destinies in the stars…and perhaps find the means to change their own fate.

Enter a world where allegiances shift like the desert sands; where the schemes are as intricate as the silks; and in the bustling marketplace, the only thing more elusive than the sweet smell of incense on the desert breeze is the band of thieves slipping between the merchants’ stalls. The Stars of Al-Ashtara illuminate the enchantment, mystery, and danger that await you in an Arabian bazaar-where everyone has a secret.

Stars of Al-Ashtara is a traditional theater-styled larp of dark intrigue, high romance, politics, secrets, wonder, danger, and more that brings together larger-than-life characters of all walks of life. This larp is inspired by both the historical time period and as many of the plots from the 1001 Nights stories as we could fit in.


  • The legends that form the basis for this LARP are heavily steeped in romance. Most characters will have one or more romantic connections.
  • The game will feature a mix of interpersonal roleplay, adventures, mysteries, and political intrigue.
  • This game will contain some magic, mystery, academic research, and enchantments. These will generally take the form of clockwork devices, alchemy, astronomical prophecies, and perhaps a cave of wonder.
  • If the stars align unfavorably, there may be character death. Should this happen, it will not occur until the very end.
  • All characters are gendered and players are encouraged to sign up for the gender character they wish to experience.
  • Religion will not be a focus of this LARP.
  • Content warnings: Arranged or forced marriages, societal restrictions, slavery, violence, and tragic/doomed love.


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