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Stuff with Dates

As the front page says, this is a Whately year. The Curse of Whately's Mysterious Island will be based on the cinematic forays into Victorian science fiction, including Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, Arthur Conan Doyle (Professor Challenger), Edgar Rice Burroughs (John Carter of Mars), etc. etc. [Boy, do most of these movies suck.] But this also takes place in the Space:1889 universe, and will serve as a prologue to the campaign.

You should have also noticed on the front page that the first "Ether Salon" of our Space:1889 campaign will kick off in first quarter 2016. We wrote Shadow Over Mars as a "first joint creative venture" with our campaign staff (Rex Balboa, Diana Glewwe, Andrew Larsen, Michael Tomczak and James Silverstein) and we are absolutely thrilled at how the group is working together! We hope to be providing more details, particularly regarding character creation, at a regular pace this year.

April 25th--Brandon Brylawski will be running Tales of Pendragon. Registration will hopefully open in the next week or two.

May 15-17th: The Castle will be hosting Peaky Midwest 3. Go to www.peakymidwest.com to register!

Memorial Day weekend will once again feature Tapas de Larpas--Saturday, May23rd (and probably Sunday, May 24th). This is number 9!

Stuff without Dates. Yet.

Schedule negotiations are underway for a Chicago run of a [highly regarded] larp based in the world of A Game of Thrones: probably January 2016! Castle Whately will be perfectly suited to host this game. :)

The Dresden Files: We're still trying to find a slot to work this into.

Philip and Marc are planning to run Midsummer Mischief, in the vein of P.G. Wodehouse.

There's word that an East Coast GM wants to come out to run some games. (Look, an actual unsubstantiated rumour!)

Last updated 3/22/2015