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Please fill this out so we can work with you on finalizing your character!

Please note that the following fields (marked with *) must be filled in for you to successfully complete the form: name, email, phone, address, city, state, zip, and age.

We will be creating a Google doc with the information you enter below and sharing it with you, so the GMs can work together with you on tweaking and finalizing it.

Please remember that the first Aether Salon will be July 9th at Castle Whately (more details will be available closer to the event).

Thanks for your interest!

The Shifting Sands Staff
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Tell Us Who You Are

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* Age 18 and over, except with special dispensation.

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Tell Us Your Character Ideas

Please provide any ideas that you have at this point. There are a LOT of fields below--it's okay if you leave many of them blank. For example, backstory isn't necessary until a couple sessions in, but we know that a number of players DO have a lot of backstory details already figured out. Having all these fields will make it easier for us to organize your responses and the Google docs.

These aren't in any sense locked in stone--you'll be able to make changes as necessary to the Google doc version.

Public Character Information

Character name:
Character age:
Character gender:

Character nationality:

Please note that currently we have a surfeit of British humans; British character concepts not previously discussed with us aren't being accepted at this time.

Human nationalities: French, German, Belgian, Russian.
GMs will discuss options with you if you are interested in playing a Martian.

Nationality comments (i.e., living somewhere else currently):
Character concept:

This is usually in an "adjective1 but adjective2 noun" format, where adjective1 and adjective2 are positive and negative adjectives respectively about the final noun (i.e. "Talented but cynical airship captain"). [If you're struggling with this, we'll probably have suggestions based on the rest of your ideas.]

Secret Identity Information, should your character have a secret identity

Don't feel compelled to add a secret identity.

Secret identity name:
Secret identity age:
Secret identity gender:
Secret identity nationality:
Secret identity concept: This is usually in an "adjective1 but adjective2 noun" format, where adjective1 and adjective2 are positive and negative adjectives respectively about the final noun (i.e. "Talented but cynical airship captain").

Additional Character Sheet Content

Character Essay, ~100 words or so (the most important ten or so in all-caps).
Please list any ideas for dramatic poles:
Please list any ideas for current and side or previous professions:
Please list any specific skills/traits you are thinking about:
Please indicate the Wealth level(s) that seems appropriate for your character:

Do you want to have money to fund other people's projects or do you want to get other people to finance your projects?

Do you have any ideas for the spheres you might like to be influential in, or the types of things you want to influence outside the Aether Salons?

Please list any Obligations you are considering for your character:

Please list any Factions your character is likely to be part of (this includes Secret Factions):

Additional Character Sheet Content

Let us know about any character connections that you have been arranging with other players:

Let us know if there are connections you would like your character to have that you'd like the GMs' help in arranging:

Are there any players that you'd prefer the GMs avoid generating links with your character?


Meta Questions

The following help us better understand what you as a player want from Shifting Sands.

As a player, what are you looking for out of the game? I.e., what types of plots are you interested in? What kinds of relationships are you drawn to? What are you looking forward to?
As a player, what do you NOT want to experience? I.e., what plots or types of relationships would you prefer to stay away from? What are your concerns going into game?

Anything Else?

Anything else you think the GMs need to know about your character or your expectations for this game?
Anything else we should have asked?




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