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Shifting Sands

Player Guide

Space 1889: Shifting Sands is planned as a five year arc. Game sessions will generally be scheduled for the second weekend of the second month of every quarter of a year. Make sense? No, we didn't think so. So here are the scheduled dates.

Currently, all dates past 2016 are tentative. The staff will have yearly schedules ready before the beginning of each year.

April 23rd Game Kick-Off/Player Information Meeting 1-5pm+? (Bring money for pizza if you would like to continue to hang out longer.)
July 9th Session 1 6p-12m (Yes, we are breaking our pattern with the very first session.)
November 12th Session 2 6p-12m
***TBD*** Session 3

***Feb 11th conflicts with Intercon, will be rescheduled***


May 13th Session 4 6p-12m
August 12th Session 5 6p-12m 
November 11th Session 6 6p-12m
February 10th Session 7 6p-12m
May 12th Session 8 6p-12m
August 11th Session 9 6p-12m
November 10th Session 10 6p-12m
February 9th Session 11 6p-12m
May 11th Session 12 6p-12m
August 10th Session 13 6p-12m
November 9th Session 14 6p-12m
February 8th Session 15 6p-12m
May 9th Session 16 6p-12m
August 8th Session 17 6p-12m
November 14th Session 18 6p-12m
February 13th Session 19 6p-12m
May 8th Session 20 6p-12m


Game Weekend

A typical game weekend might go something like this:

  • Friday evening, say 8pm–midnight: Possible side session
  • Saturday morning, say 10am–12n: Probable side session(s)
  • Saturday midday, 12n-1pm: Lunch break. Bring money if you want to order in.
  • Saturday afternoon, say 1pm–4pm: Likely side session(s)
  • Saturday afternoon, 4–5pm: Dinner break. Again, bring money.
  • Saturday evening, 5–6pm: Check-in, collect game fees, distribute character envelopes, etc.
  • Saturday night, 6–11pm: Main Salon session. Limited refreshments will be provided.
  • Saturday night, 11pm-12m: Checkout, wrap-up, submit between time actions


Extra-curricular gatherings: There are a large number of fabulous restaurants and bars in the area. We highly encourage players to gather socially before and after game times, and we may or may not join you. But due to the large numbers of players and varied interests, the GMs will not be organizing such things ourselves. We will let those with more bandwidth handle that.



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