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Dig and Gail joined forces to write full-fledged, heavily-plotted, one-shot theater-style LARPs with a murder mystery background under the Fête Fatale banner in 1995, and still consider murder mystery their core genre, despite all evidence to the contrary. They began writing the Whately series of uber-immersive camp-horror adventure LARPs they are best known for in 2000. Together they have written, run, produced or played more one-shots and campaigns in myriad styles than they can shake a bustle at since then.

But while they have been writing and producing theater-style LARPs for 20 years now, Shifting Sands will be Fête Fatale's first foray into the world of producing LARP campaigns and they are thrilled to have found such a phenomenal group of writers and narrators to share the adventure with. The experience in the format and knowledge of the genre they bring are as good as it gets.

Gail Freedman

Did you know she wrote and got paid for two How To Host a Murder boxed games?

Did you know she has one of the largest personal collections of boxed murder games in the world?

Did you know she bought her first Space:1889 core rulebook for $12 in 1992 and has wanted to run a LARP campaign in this setting before she knew there was such a thing (i.e., before she'd ever larped or White Wolf released the Mind's Eye Theatre: The Masquerade box set)? That when she heard of the 2013 Space:1889 Kickstarter (Uhrwerk Verlag/Clockwork Publishing & Chronicle City), she showed it to Dig and said a) "I want to back this" because b) "For decades I've wante to run a campaign in this setting", leading directly to planning Shifting Sands and pledging at the VIP deal level--part of which means the Countess of Danforth will appear in an upcoming published adventure or sourcebook?

Did you know she once held a funeral-at-sea for a frog in a hotel pool?

Did you know she has a LARP maxim named after her?

Doug "Dig" Freedman

Dig thinks Bohemond's got him beat by a year on the table-top side, starting his roleplaying career in junior high with this new game called D&D his buddy's dad brought home one day, probably in '76. (Yes, original 8.5"x5.5" brown box. And yes he still has his original 3rd edition white box books around somewhere, hot Eldritch Wizadry chick on the cover and all.) But his earliest game that could be considered LARP-esque was a boffer version of Capture the Flag he and his friends came up with in 1980. 35 years, many Cokes and Doritos, and more than a few disembodied brains later, his favorite games involve small groups of characters working in concert to produce meaningful scenes, and he hopes to see a lot of that in Shifting Sands.

Diana Glewwe

Diana Glewwe has been LARPing for 2/3rds of her life at this point and has run and played in several games of all genres and flavors. Currently she is story-telling for the zombie survival boffer game, Dystopia Rising as well as helping to write this game. She also has previously helped run a Werewolf campaign and played in more LARPS and tabletop games than she was willing to list here.

Andrew Larsen (Bohemond)

Andrew has been table-topping since 1975 (yes, really!) and LARPing since 1995, being one of the deranged people who played in the earliest incarnation of Madison By Night, and spending a year as a Narrator for the first organized chronicle of that group. Since then he's been playing in both one-shots and campaigns.

James "Jimbeaux" Silverstein

James Silverstein writes stuff. Sometimes for money, sometimes for love, sometimes for the weird looks he gets from the folks that read it. He's been GM-ing tabletop for 36 years (and LARPing for 24) and occasionally pauses in doing so to do things like eat, sleep, and, of course, the aforementioned writing. Glad to be part of the Space 1889 crew, he's certainly not writing this with a Martian Death Ray pointed at his head.


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