Tapas de Larpas 2019 - Game Blurbs

Friday Evening  8-11pm

H. P. Wodehouse

Expanded from the game originally written at Peaky Midwest 2
GMs: Dave C.,Paul H,, Doug F., Marc B.
3 hours, 14-21 players

Welcome to H.P. Wodehouse, the lighter side of Gothic Horror. You are in the realm of the leisure class in the vague era after The Great War and before WWII. Times are easy for the wealthy and many of you are wealthy, or at least in that class. Others may have to do terrible, unspeakable things to get a little extra cash, like WORK.

The setting is at a golf tournament the day after a night’s “entertainment” which left the participants slightly confused as to what it was all about. As with any Jeeves and Wooster story, there will be attempts at marriage, confusing storylines (or at least confusion about stories), and gentlemen of means getting in over their respective heads.

Saturday Afternoon 2-6pm

Second Hand Spirit Animals

Written and run by Elisa Ford
4 hours, 16-20 players

Welcome to the annual meeting of the Second Hand Spirit Animals at Sandy Springs Retreat, Oregon. The lesser known soul guides have gathered to try to gain more followers, commiserate with old friends, and perhaps settle old grudges. Last year's meeting didn't go so well (poor Tapeworm), but House Fly has a brand new plan to get more people to believe in you all. And that's a good thing. What could go wrong?

This LARP is a lighthearted comedy about spirit guides, faith, and finding your place in an ever-changing world. If you ascribe to a religious system that involves Spirit Animals, it's possible that you might not be ok with the way the human/spirit bond is depicted in this LARP. Mild sexual themes are present, and some roles are suitable for players under 16. Please check in with the GMs if requesting one of these roles.

Strange Gravity

Run by Dave Michalak
6-9 players

This starship is headed for stars unknown, and the crew depends on your skills and judgment. Each player takes the role of an officer on a starship, with the narrative authority related to that role.
• Explore a universe inspired by your favorite space tv series.
• Confront danger, emotions, and moral quandaries.
• Will you use your narrative power wisely?
This is a Live-Action Roleplaying Game that uses improv skills and focuses on style.

Saturday Evening 8-11pm

The Borden Legacy

Run by Marc B.
3 hours, 11 players

Three hundred years ago the Great Old Ones took the world. All praise to Them. It is now 1892, and in a small New England town, citizens are far more concerned with who murdered local businessman Andrew Borden and his wife than with existential concerns of Gods walking among them. Come to the reading of Andrew's will and discover what will ultimately prove the stronger - family, blood or loyalty?

Storm Cellar

Written by Kathleen De Smet and Eva Schiffer; Run by Katie G.
3 hours, 8 players

In a rural Midwestern town in 1939, eight neighbors find themselves trapped in a storm cellar waiting for a tornado to pass. Secrets and rivalries come to light in the darkness as well as golden opportunities. Just be sure the opportunities you chose are worth the price.

An 8-player parlor LARP intended to last 3 hours featuring rivalry and intrigue between neighbors and kin. No woo (i.e. magic or supernatural elements).

NOTE: Please contact the GMs if you are under 16 and wish to sign up. Also, the game may be held in darkness with only "candlelight" (LED lights) for illumination. Out-of-game personal flashlights will be provided for reading character sheets.

Sunday Afternoon 2-5pm

The Sartar High Council

Run by Andrew Larsen
3 hours, 12 players

A decade ago, the Lunar Empire invaded Sartar, killed its ruler in battle, and subjugated the kingdom. Now, a decade later, someone has summoned the High Council of Sartar to meet once more. How will the Council address the kingdom’s problems? Will they choose a new Prince of Sartar? Will they decide to focus on other problems plaguing the land? Will they decide to submit to the Lunar Empire? Can the marshal both the might of the kingdom and the strength of the gods to help them overcome their enemies?

Sartar High Council is intended as an introduction to Glorantha, one of the oldest and richest fantasy game worlds ever discovered (rumor has it that once Shifting Sands wraps up, there will be a larp campaign starting based on this setting).

Showtime, Synergy!

Written and Run by Katie Giacomini
2 hours, 7-12 players

The Starlight Foundation is planning to open a new house for foster kids and tonight there is a star-studded benefit concert to raise funds for this worthy cause! Both Jem and the Holograms and The Misfits, the two hottest bands in music, will be taking the stage! Everyone who is anyone will be there!

Jem and the Holograms and The Misfits are both playing the same concert tonight, but things are predictably tense between the groups. Both bands seem constantly engrossed in rivalries, romance, and rockin’ style. The girls may have pulled together to support the Starlight Foundation, but can the rival bands really put aside their enmity for the evening and support a good cause? Whatever happens, it promises to be a truly outrageous night of music and fashion!

This game is based on the 1980s cartoon “Jem and the Holograms”. Players will be a variety of characters from the show and the game will be set at a concert. The bands will perform, but no musical talent is required! This is a two hour theater-style game with over-the-top relationships, romance, and dramatic situations inspired by the original cartoon. Players 18+, or younger with GM permission.

Sunday Evening 8-11pm

Arsenic and Lies

Run by Philip Kelley
3 hours, 10 players, any genders Minimum 5 players

It is 31 December 1919 and the party at Weatherby Manor is in full swing. The guests exchange furtive whispers of intrigue, blackmail and forbidden love. At midnight, a glass of poisoned champagne shatters, dropped from a dying hand. The family has to find – or frame – the killer before the police start looking too closely into their secrets.

Arsenic & Lies is a larp inspired by Downton Abbey and Agatha Christie novels. Rather than being a classical whodunnit, it focuses on the emotions, relationships and secrets of the characters involved: solving the murder might be less important to the characters than pursuing their clandestine affairs, arranging marriages of convenience or blackmailing their enemies. Characters and relationships (and a randomly selected murdered) will be created at the start of the game.


Written and run by Brandon Brylawski
3 hours, 8 players

The neuropsychological technique Consilience has the potential to transform our understanding of the mind. It produces a state of transcendent empathy, and in some cases has provided astonishing cures for intractable mental illness. This is all the more remarkable given that we do not really understand how it works, only that it does.

Now an extraordinary find has been made: a collection of full sensory recordings that chronicle the Alpha Experiments, those during which Consilience was first “achieved”. You have volunteered to be part of a group to re-experience these episodes and discover more about how this breakthrough came to be. This process is not without danger, but the project designers are doing all they can to prevent serious emotional harm.

Consilience is an intense interpersonal LARP of experiencing other people’s memories and then dealing with the consequences. It includes adult themes, including emotional trauma, infidelity, and failure.

Possible Overflow/Backup/Pickup Games

Welcome Guests

Run by Quinn D
2 hours, 4-8 players

A very normal family of murderous cannibals invites a future meal over for dinner and conversation, but things may not go as planned. Inspired by the film Somos lo que hay (remade as We Are What We Are).

This two hour larp for 4-8 players includes a short workshop to develop characters based on player chosen roles and moods. The game is played with transparency that some characters are likely to die, with all violence kept off screen.

A Second Chance for Wings

Run by Quinn D
2 hours, 5 players

It is 4392 on the Modern Calendar, in the country of Emera, and the Blue Phoenix corporation has turned its vision to space. It’s been almost sixty years since the Tursans put six people on the largest of the three moons in the sky, and no one’s been back, not even to orbit, since then. The charismatic CEO of Blue Phoenix has vowed to put the first Emerans into space, and to bring back fame, glory, and profits that will raise poor Emera into the ranks of leading nations.
A Second Chance for Wings is a two hour larp that plays out the story of the Emeran push for space. Set on a world far away from our own, but still similar in many ways, A Second Chance for Wings is a character-driven, low-mechanic, little-to-no combat five player larp. The game takes place in several sections, each spaced months or years apart. The decisions made in each section will change where the story goes and what the world looks like for the next section. Players will play the same characters throughout the game, provided the character survives. Will Blue Phoenix and Emera reach space and the moons, or will space be empty for the foreseeable future? Your decisions will decide in what direction the story goes.

Here Is My Power Button

Run by Quinn D
4 hours, 8-16 players

Here Is My Power Button is an intimate near-future American Freeform larp about relationships, identity, and power for players age 18 and up. It features an asymmetrical play experience about humans interacting with artificial intelligence.

Participants playing AI will experience learning from the examples of the human with whom they interact. Between interactions, they will experience enrichment activities designed to build their personhood.

Participants playing humans will workshop a character who has found reason to engage in a focus group for testing a companion AI. Their ongoing experience will focus on their personal AI's development among other human participants, and with the failsafe of resetting any undesirable growth.

The core larp structure will alternate between NPC run focus group meetings and one on one interactions between a human and their respective AI. You can sign up to play either of these character types if you know in advance, or sign up as flexible.

Grandma's Resting Place

Run by Katie Giacomini
4 hours, 5 players

It’s been three years since Grandma Dot’s cancer diagnosis, and the last two annual family beach parties have been centered on her long—and happy—goodbyes. Now she’s passed away in a hospital far from home. Rather than turn her body over to the usual pipeline of hospital to funeral home to cemetery, the family took it and drove off in their RV to take her home and decide what to do.

Grandma’s Resting Place is a game about coping with the loss of a loved one by sharing and reliving memories spanning three generations. The game is set in a realistic modern time. This is a serious game including a mix of joyful, funny, and sad memories. The focus is on roleplaying the characters involved, with no goals.

Play takes place primarily in a scene in the “present time” of 2016 shortly after Grandma Dot’s death. This scene is intermittently punctuated by flashback memory scenes and monologues from a player portraying the memory of Grandma Dot. The flashback scenes look back earlier into the lives of the characters and explore their complicated relationships with Grandma Dot.

Player characters will be gendered based on player preferences. Grandma is always female. All other characters may use male or female pronouns. Some (3/5) of the characters are also available as explicitly non-binary gender with neutral they pronouns.

Drink Me

Written by Betsy Isaacson
Run by Philip Kelly or Quinn D
1 hour, 3 players

Three mysterious travelers, all hailing from Victorian London, run into one another at a place of great power and mystery -- the famed Cave of Elixir. Within the cave there are six potions, which could perhaps grant their deepest desires, and they all seem heedless of any price they might have to pay.

Alexander Clay doesn't age and doesn't die -- he's as beautiful now as he was at twenty-five. This wicked immortal has spent heartless decades seducing and discarding a string of innocent lovers. What could he possibly want with a cave of potions and wishes? He already has eternal life at his fingertips, so what could be worth risking madness and destruction?

Vesper Von Eternity lives a life of danger and adventure on the edges of the empire. She's stared down tigers, tamed snakes, studied with mystics and riddled with rajahs. In more "civilized" climes, the public thrills to reprinted accounts of her exploits. But some tragedies can't be averted with fame or guts or brains, so Vesper is determined to claim the magic she needs before it's too late.

Edgar Eakins might have been celebrated for his genius in a more tolerant age, but his obsessions and eccentricities have left him on the outskirts of London society. This shabby, sunken, despised man is rumored to have wrought hellish wonders in his taboo scientific experiments. His true goals, however, remain unknown...

It is no coincidence that these three have come across one another. Now they must parley, and palaver, and gamble their fortunes, and risk their very lives -- and drink.

Warning: This game is a game of Victorian horror. It is dark. Players should be 21+. Content warnings for suicide, stalking, obsession, sexuality and sickness. If you want to play a nice person, this may not be the game for you.

Ars Longa

Written by Kristen Hendricks, Run by Brandon Brylawski
2 hours, 2 players

Once, long ago as the mind measures time, the greatest sorcerer at the Royal Academy took a student.

Sorcery is a solitary art, and its practitioners have little patience for anything that smacks of cooperation and conciliation. It shall then be no surprise that the Academy should have been a nest of fractiousness and misrule, full of traps and indignities for the untried scholar, and that its greatest artist should have made a difficult teacher. And so...

...the young sorcerer, being both determined and devoted, labored many years at the feet of wisdom, heedless of suffering and travail, and being thus graced with the finest instruction the land could offer, grew swiftly in power and enchantment.

...the young sorcerer, having suffered much at the hands of the wise, at length abandoned the Academy, and endured all manner of hardship and travail, and made a teacher of the high wild places and the deserted wastes, and grew swiftly in power and enchantment.

These stories both happened. It is only that they happened to different people, and very long ago, as the mind measures time.

The Academy lies in flames. Zeric Adaros, once its greatest scholar, has been revealed as a practitioner of dark sorcery, and the architect of the disaster. He has retreated to his mountain fastness, from which he has declared himself the enemy of the land, and the enemy of all who would oppose his rule.

Renn Etrova and Sherial Misrae, both former students of Zeric himself, are the only practitioners remaining whose strength and skill might be sufficient to oppose him. But sorcery is a solitary art, and two allied sorcerers would interfere with each other catastrophically in combat – and even if they could overcome these difficulties, they dare not leave the capitol undefended, lest it suffer the same fate as the Academy. And so they have agreed to meet for the first time in many years, that they might determine which of them will go to face their teacher.

Ars Longa is a one-hour game for two players about academia, institutional hierarchies, sorcery, trust, and the use and misuse of interpersonal power. Pregame reading is approximately fifteen pages, including rules and background. Potential players should be advised that Ars Longa is a serious game with potentially intense emotional interactions.

Potential players are welcome and encouraged to contact the GM if they have any additional questions or concerns.

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