Tapas de Larpas 2019 - Interest

Now's the time to give us input!

We're looking to announce the schedule and open registration by the end of April, so please respond by 4/26 to give us a general notion of what games can run and how many players to plan for in each slot. Buenas Larpas a Todos!

Please note that our non-ancient technology now requires that you fill in the following fields (marked with *) for you to successfully register: name, email, and phone.

If you would like to ask us something before you register, please free to email us at Murder1@FeteFatale.com.

Thanks for your interest!

Dig & Gail Freedman
FĂȘte Fatale Productions

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* Age 18 and over only, please. However, we may have games suitable for younger players when registration opens.

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Tell Us What You Want At This Year's Tapas

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Do you have a game that you'd like to run? Please indicate title, author, short description, number of players, any space requirements, preferred slot, etc.

Would you be willing to run a game but don't have one at hand? Ask us, we have ideas! Contact me with suggestions. 
Are there any games that you'd like to see run? [Note that games run at previous Tapas are substantially more likely to be arranged.]
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