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  • The Early Bird fee for Café Casablanca THROUGH May 31st, 2016, is $100.
  • If you pay for Café Casablanca AFTER May 31st, 2016, the fee is $125.

Please note that $20 of your payment is non-refundable. Partial refunds are available through July 31st.

You may optionally choose to pay an additional $25 if you're in a financial position to help us defray GM expenses.

The game fee does not include accommodation costs, but we have negotiated a discount rate with the venue, The Cliffbreakers Riverside Hotel and Conference Center in Rockford, IL. Standard rooms will be $79 per night. Please go to the Venue page for your options for rooms within the room block.

You will be sent a link later to the casting form, for you to indicate your character preferences. If you would like to ask us something before you register, please free to email us at

Thanks for your interest!

Dig & Gail Freedman
Fête Fatale Productions

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