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We got a ton of offers of games for Tapas, so we're asking potential attendees to let us know which of them you're most interested in playing.  Please respond by 5/8, so we can wrap up the schedule and open registration. Here's the list of possible games. Note that, based on the responses to the Interest Form, we will be scheduling games for Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and evening, and Sunday afternoon and evening. Buenas Larpas a Todos!

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Tell Us Which Games You Want At This Year's Tapas

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H.P. Wodehouse

As the title implies, imagine getting Cthulhu into your Jeeves and Wooster. A playtest of the Peaky Midwest 2 game, now expanded.

3 hours, 14-21 players

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The neuropsychological technique Consilience provided astonishing cures for intractable mental illness, all the more remarkable given that we do not really understand how it works. You have volunteered to re-experience the original Consilience experiments through the use of a hazardous and discredited technology to discover more about how this breakthrough came to be and the people who took part.
4 hours, 8 players

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The Borden Legacy

Three hundred years ago the Great Old Ones took the world. All praise to Them. It is now 1892, and in a small New England town, citizens are far more concerned with who murdered local businessman Andrew Borden and his wife than with existential concerns of Gods walking among them. Come to the reading of Andrew's will and discover what will ultimately prove the stronger - family, blood or loyalty?
3 hours, 11 players

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The Sartar High Council

A decade ago, the Lunar Empire invaded Sartar, killed its ruler in battle, and subjugated the kingdom. Now, a decade later, someone has summoned the High Council of Sartar to meet once more. How will the Council address the kingdom’s problems? Will they choose a new Prince of Sartar? Will they decide to focus on other problems plaguing the land? Will they decide to submit to the Lunar Empire? Can the marshal both the might of the kingdom and the strength of the gods to help them overcome their enemies?
3 hours, 12 players

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The Black Hart of Camelot

It is a kingdom that never was, and always will be. The tale of the rise and fall of Camelot has been told and retold over the centuries and has often strayed far from the truth. Now we shall uncover the true history of Camelot, and all the lords and ladies that had a hand in its shaping, and eventual undoing.
3 hours, 18-24 players

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The Bottom of the Garden

The Bottom of the Garden is a comic tale set in Fairyland gone wrong. It's a lighthearted take on fixing past mistakes and reclaiming happiness, wherever it can be found. Characters are fairies, mortals, and, um, others known through history, literature and legend.
  2hours, 16-24 players

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Second Hand Spirit Animals

Welcome to the annual meeting of the Second Hand Spirit Animals at Sandy Springs Retreat, Oregon. The lesser known soul guides have gathered to try to gain more followers, commiserate with old friends, and perhaps settle old grudges. Last year's meeting didn't go so well (poor Tapeworm), but House Fly has a brand new plan to get more people to believe in you all. And that's a good thing. What could go wrong?
4 hours, 16-20 players

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Strange Gravity

This starship is headed for stars unknown, and the crew depends on your skills and judgment. Each player takes the role of an officer on a starship, with the narrative authority related to that role.
6-9 players

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Arsenic and Lies

It is 31 December 1919 and the party at Weatherby Manor is in full swing. The guests exchange furtive whispers of intrigue, blackmail and forbidden love. At midnight, a glass of poisoned champagne shatters, dropped from a dying hand. The family has to find – or frame – the killer before the police start looking too closely into their secrets.
3 hours, 5-10 players

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Here Is My Power Button

Here Is My Power Button is an intimate near-future American Freeform larp about relationships, identity, and power for players age 18 and up. It features an asymmetrical play experience about humans interacting with artificial intelligence.
4 hours, 8-16 players

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Storm Cellar

A handful of people ride out bad weather in a storm cellar.
3 hours, 8 players

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Welcome Guests

A very normal family of murderous cannibals invites a future meal over for dinner and conversation, but things may not go as planned.
2 hours, 4-8 players

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Space Shuttle Diplomacy

It is a time of turmoil in the Mantona Galaxy. War, Piracy, Lost Planets Reappearing, Merchandising Opportunities. So what could be a better time for the representatives of the various governments to sit down in a room and not be allowed to shoot each other?
2-3 hours, 12-16 players

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Grandma's Resting Place

It’s been three years since Grandma Dot’s cancer diagnosis, and the last two annual family beach parties have been centered on her long—and happy—goodbyes. Now she’s passed away in a hospital far from home. Rather than turn her body over to the usual pipeline of hospital to funeral home to cemetery, the family took it and drove off in their RV to take her home and decide what to do.
4 hours, 5 players

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A Second Chance for Wings

It is 4392 on the Modern Calendar, in the country of Emera, and the Blue Phoenix corporation has turned its vision to space. It’s been almost sixty years since the Tursans put six people on the largest of the three moons in the sky, and no one’s been back, not even to orbit, since then. The charismatic CEO of Blue Phoenix has vowed to put the first Emerans into space, and to bring back fame, glory, and profits that will raise poor Emera into the ranks of leading nations.
2 hours, 5 players

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Other Logistics

Possible pickup games

These games aren't likely to end up on the schedule, since they are very small. But if there's sufficient interest--i.e., enough players when the GM is willing to run--these may happen.
Drink Me: 1 hour, 3 players
Three mysterious travelers, all hailing from Victorian London, meet, perhaps not coincidentally, in the depths of the long-thought-lost Cave of Wonders. Within the cave, they have found six elixirs: drinking any one could bring madness, death or power. But all three travelers have reasons for drinking -- and all have decided it's worth risking their lives on a swallow. A game of Victorian horror.

Ars Long: 1 hour, 2 players

[Tabletop playtest pre-GenCon]
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