JoyCon II!

A Weekend of Larps
May 17-19, 2024

The original JoyCon in September was so successful, we're doing it again! 

At JoyCon II, Alison will be running her newest game, The Four Realms, on Saturday evening, plus Devil to Pay from several years ago on Friday evening. Saturday afternoon will have a superhero game, and Sunday afternoon a fairytale game.

Cost for playing in any one or all four larps is $20. The fee (and any donations, gratefully accepted) will be used to pay for Alison's travel expenses.

REGISTRATION IS OPEN. The link to the registration form has been sent to the JoyCon list, as well as the Fête Fatale list . Email Murder1 at fetefatale dot com if you have any questions or for a link to be directly emailed to you.

How Registration and Game Assignment Will Work

Last year, we largely lucked into a great way to handle registration (in the current Age of Plague).

Ten days after registration, we had over 40 registrations, even though the biggest game was just over 30 players. Rather than letting the first people who registered get into all the games they wanted, while leaving those who didn't register until 5 days later out of luck, we opted to 1) ensure that people who only registered for one or two games were assigned to those, 2) not assign people to a game they had already played, and 3) distribute game assignments so that nearly everyone who registered for all four got assigned to three games.

This may seem like a lot of work, just so we could feel like we were "being fair." But the REAL benefit of this approach became apparent the final few days before JoyCon, as we got notified by players who had to drop a game or even the entire weekend: we already KNEW who wanted to play the games we now had open spots for. We could simply contact those attendees and see if they were available/still wanted to play. Therefore, for this year, we're going to do much the same thing, although this time registration form will include questions as to which of the games you're registering for is your number one priority and which is your number 2 priority. Hopefully we can use this to better refine our game assignment distribution? We're trying our best over here.

The Games:

Friday night, 8p to midnight

Devil to Pay

Written by Brian Richburg and Alison Joy Schafer <3

“And thy empire shall last / Till the black flag by inches is torn from the mast.”

The year is 1715 and the sun is setting on the West Indies. For the past 13 years, pirates have exploited the chaos of the War of Spanish Succession, sailing unchallenged while the British, Dutch, French, and Spanish forces were busy warring on one another. Once again at peace, though a delicate one, the European powers have turned their sights to ending the villainy that has stood unchecked for far too long. Now the Golden Age of Piracy is drawing to a close, and across the Caribbean black flags lie in tatters - replaced with standards of imperial blue, white and red.

With freedom fast becoming scarce, some of the seas’ most infamous pirates have become faithless turncoats, hunting their former brethren in service of any crown that would offer a pardon for a lifetime of greed and murder. Hunted down to the brink of extinction, and with the news that Tortuga had been cleared of their kind, the last of the great pirate lords look for safety in the failing stronghold of New Providence. As the British fleet tightens the noose around them, some dream of escape while others turn traitor. All know the truth, however: their crimes are great and their fate is well deserved, and may well already be sealed. But perhaps they will prevail…one last brilliant flash on the horizon at dusk…

More details.

Saturday afternoon, 1-5p

Meanwhile, on the other side of Megalopolis…

Written and run by David Cave, Elisa Ford, Kathleen Fuller, Susan Schmidt

It's Friday night in Megalopolis and the Marquis of Malfeasance has called a summit of supervillains, the heroes are discussing the Lavender Incident, the sidekicks are having their regular game night, and the henchpeople are plotting.

More details.

Saturday evening, 7p to midnight

The Four Realms

Written and run by Alison Joy Schafer <3 & Kristen Patten!!!!

A grandfather clock chimes, a sound that rings through lands both seen and unseen. Drosselmeyer winds up his latest invention and somewhere, somehow, a storybook comes to life, and a child jumps in. His clockwork machines twirl and hiss and somewhere a rabbit hole becomes a portal to another world. Lands are discovered full of sweets and flowers and circus performers. It is a magical world of snowflakes, gingerbread soldiers, and an army of mice.

More details.

Sunday afternoon, 1-5p

The Princess of Norland

Written and run by Katie Giacomini Koglin

The youngest princess of Norland is getting married, but the identity of groom is still being worked out. On top of that, some of the people involved in the negotiations might be thinking of other things. This is a fairytale themed LARP where happily ever after might not be so easy.

More details.


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