Fete Fatale Production and UK Freeforms Proudly Present

A Cruel Hoax Production

Café Casablanca

A weekend-long Live Action Roleplay event running

October 7th through 9th, 2016
in Rockford, IL

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The Last Plane to Lisbon

With the coming of the Second World War, many eyes in imprisoned Europe turned hopefully, or desperately, toward the freedom of the Americas. Lisbon became the great embarkation point. But, not everybody could get to Lisbon directly, and so a tortuous, roundabout refugee trail sprang up - Paris to Marseilles... across the Mediterranean to Oran... then by train, or auto, or foot across the rim of Africa, to Casablanca in French Morocco. Here, the fortunate ones through money, or influence, or luck, might obtain exit visas and scurry to Lisbon; and from Lisbon, to the New World. But the others wait in Casablanca... and wait... and wait... and wait.

Casablanca. December 1941. The flotsam and jetsam of Europe has been washed up on the North African coast by the tides of war. Morocco is nominally neutral under the control of the Vichy French, but they are overseen by the German representatives. Agents from European and other powers congregate in Casablanca, where they are joined by refugees, displaced tourists and underworld figures eager to take advantage of the chaos. Anything you want can be found in Casablanca, either in the Casbah or Rick Blaine’s (in)famous Café Americain. The Casbah is no place for the unwary, but everybody comes to Rick’s.

Fête Fatale Productions and UK Freeforms are thrilled to bring the highly-acclaimed weekend-long LARP Café Casablanca to the Chicago area in October of 2016! This game has run to rave reviews on both sides of the pond, and we’re delighted to be able to bring it to the Midwest. So grab your fedora, slide into your slinkiest gown, and come enjoy Hollywood’s favorite noir. (But watch your wallet in the Casbah.)

The venue will be the beautiful and unique Cliffbreakers Riverside Hotel & Conference Center in Rockford, IL. Just 90 minutes west of O’Hare Airport, it is centrally located between Chicago and Madison, and an easy drive from Milwaukee.

Standard rooms reserved in the block will be at a rate of just $79/night.

Game fee is $125.


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